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Trip Profiles
bulletBamboo Rafting (1 Day)
bulletBamboo Rafting (2 Days - 1 Night)
bulletBamboo Rafting (3 Days - 2 Nights)
bulletTrekking (Non - Tourist Area 1 Day)
bulletTrekking (Non - Tourist Area 2 Days - 1 Night)
bulletTrekking (Non - Tourist Area 3 Days - 2 Nights)
bulletWhite Water Rafting Mae Tang River (North)
bulletWhite Water Rafting Mae Wang River (South)
bulletOff - Road 1 Day
bulletOff - Road 2 Days
bulletOff - Road 3 Days
bulletQuad (ATV) Q1 Jungle Half Day
bulletQuad (ATV) Q4 Full Day Extreme ATV
bulletQuad (ATV) Q3 Half Day Mhong Hilltrabe Village
bulletMahout Training 1 Day
bulletMahout Training 3 Days
bulletEnduro (Moto Cross)
bulletBoat Riding (Mae Kok River)
bulletJungle Cooking Course
Package Tours
bullet2 Days - 1 Night
bullet3 Days - 2 Nights
bullet4 Days - 3 Nights
bullet5 Days - 4 Nights
bullet6 Days - 5 nights
bullet7 Days - 6 Nights
bullet8 Days - 7 Nights

Trekking (Non - Tourist Area 1 Day)

Nestled in the lush, mountainous terrain of northern Thailand, centuries removed from the frantic urban-mania of Bangkok and the country's crowded coastlines, the Hill Tribes of Thailand offer a glimpse into the country's true cultural origins. The best way to penetrate this distinct culture? Your own two feet. Trek into the northern highlands into the region's dense jungle, crossing streams, rafting down rivers, and dipping into waterfall pools while following your local guide down elusive jungle trails. End each day in a different tribal village, dining on bamboo, banana, peapods, green pumpkin, and rice whiskey. Then relax on the porch of a teak house elevated six feet off the ground. Wake to a rooster's call and watch dawn push the mist off of the forest leaves before strapping on your pack and hitting the trail, ready to do it all over again.


Our trekking trip is quite different from other tour organizer. For example, we do the trip in non-tourist area( safe for tourist ) and the trekkingtrail is not too hard for you. You'll walk into the jungle and also walk upand down in mountainous area. Along the way, you'll see sometimes wildanimals and see typical way of life of many different hilltribe people.




After breakfast at 9:00 am
Leaving Ban Thaton by car to a guide appointment place, After that you will start walking. Walk pass the field, Lisu and Akha village for about 1.30 hours then take a break. Go on for 1 hour to Lahu village and break. Go further more 1 hour to another Akha village on the mountain where we going to have lunch and have a rest. Leave village at 13:30 pm. Go on the trip for about 1 hours then break in the jungle. After that we take about 1.30 hour walking down to the Karen long-neck village where you finish the trip at about 16:00 pm.

Price is depend on the number of customer.

For reservation, please contact us;


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