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bulletBamboo Rafting (1 Day)
bulletBamboo Rafting (2 Days - 1 Night)
bulletBamboo Rafting (3 Days - 2 Nights)
bulletTrekking (Non - Tourist Area 1 Day)
bulletTrekking (Non - Tourist Area 2 Days - 1 Night)
bulletTrekking (Non - Tourist Area 3 Days - 2 Nights)
bulletWhite Water Rafting Mae Tang River (North)
bulletWhite Water Rafting Mae Wang River (South)
bulletOff - Road 1 Day
bulletOff - Road 2 Days
bulletOff - Road 3 Days
bulletQuad (ATV) Q1 Jungle Half Day
bulletQuad (ATV) Q4 Full Day Extreme ATV
bulletQuad (ATV) Q3 Half Day Mhong Hilltrabe Village
bulletMahout Training 1 Day
bulletMahout Training 3 Days
bulletEnduro (Moto Cross)
bulletBoat Riding (Mae Kok River)
bulletJungle Cooking Course
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Mahout Training 1 Day


Thoose poor elephants !!

       How often do we pick up a newspaper, magazine or turn on TV to a documentary of the abused or exploited elephant?
       This problem may not be as significant as global warming, but it is of "grave" concern to us in a country where our elephants are not only indigenous, but are of religious and symbolic significance.
       "Thiptravel " is significantly concerned with the condition and welfare of our
       "National Symbol" and would like to invite you to not only help those in need, but to first hand involve yourself in the life of the elephant and its mahout.
       Join us for a day, three or seven if you like, or as long as you wish. You'll become one with the elephant and its mahout in their natural jungle environment.
       No! no picnic lunches or restaurants. We bring rice portions only and live off the land. As both you and the elephant forage for food, roots, grain and plants, you'll also find and learn the use of natural medicines the elephants know by instinct.
       You'll develop a feel for the personality of "Chang" and his contentment with human company. Chang is a social animal and will happily bond with humans, as is attested by the relationship between he (or she) and their mahout.
       You'll learn to find joy in bathing, feeding and the playful antics of the elephant, as you ride (no harness or saddle), walk, lead, or be led by your companion.Once you've experienced this adventure
       Once you've experienced this adventure and relationship with our Chang, you can then truly understand the outcry in the papers and TV.Our goal is to increas
       Our goal is to increase awareness and understanding of this great animal and provide funding for the care medical needs of those Chang not as fortunate as those you've befriended.

1 Day 
08.30 am.   We’ll pick you up at your hotel/GH. 
09.00 am.   Upon arrival and meeting the staff, you are briefed in basic elephant language and control motions. You’ll then bath with them and hunt for food & herbs.
12.00 am.   We’ll provide lunch prior to lumbering up the mountain to play in the mud pit and search for herbs & treats you then plant a sapling tree to insure continuation of our jungles.
04.00 pm.   We’ll return you to your hotel/GH. after you’ve showered.

Price :        4,500 THB / Person/(min 2 persons)
Include :    Transportation, Gasoline, Accommodation, Lunch, Water, Guide, Insurance, Mahout clothes..
Meals Included:   Exclude
What to bring :     Towel, Clothes, Shampoo, Soap, Camera, Plastic bag for your camera, Mosquito spray, Rain attire (rainy season), Snack, Books.

For reservation, please contact us:


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